Joel Epstein Communications Strategy advises local government, businesses, foundations and public initiatives on communications and campaign strategy, innovation, government affairs, corporate social responsibility and corporate giving and philanthropy.

Read Joel's article on El Metropolitano, Lima, Perú's bus rapid transit

(BRT) system, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Joel is also the author of How to Pass a Mega Transportation Measure - LA County's Measure M Lessons LearnedThe Measure M report for LA Metro is a playbook for cities and counties interested in LA County’s model for funding transit and related municipal infrastructure construction.

Joel's work has been cited in The New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, CityLab, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times and The Oregonian.


  • Infrastructure & Transportation.

  • Government & City Services.

  • Real Estate.

  • Legal.

  • Philanthropy & Community Investment.

  • Agricultural Products & CPG.

  • Travel.

  • Environment.

  • Education & Healthcare.

Core competencies: Writing, crisis communications, partnership development, issues advocacy, law and policy, PR, social media, government and community relations.


Joel Epstein